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Vella is a wood-alu system, based upon mullion and transom constructions, suited for facades and winter gardens. The support structures for this system are from wooden mullions, 50, 60 or 80 mm thick, with their depth depending on static calculation. The Vella system consists of a wide range of aluminium profiles, gaskets and insulators. It ensures durable glazing mounting, unusual tightness, and high thermal parameters as well as guarantees perfect protection for wood. The glazing range for this system is between 9 and 60 mm.


This solution perfectly combines the color application, durability and weather resistance of aluminium with an aesthetic wooden interior. The Vella system ideally suits modern spatial architecture. Its properties include high level versatility, complementing different architectural styles as well as high functionality without the need for frequent conservation.

System features:

  • Wood cross-section thickness: 50, 60, 80 mm
  • Glazing thickness: 9 mm – 60 mm
  • 3-stage drainage
  • Wooden cover strip available
  • Complete gutter system
  • Possible profile bending (for 50 mm transom only)
  • Big Sky, Montana Project Installation
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Residential & Commercial Timber Curtain Wall Construction, or Glass Window Walls as some refer to it as, is a very unique system of window construction. This system is mainly used in exclusive custom homes and resort areas where beautiful scenic views can be appreciated. Operable windows and doors can easily be intragrated into this system for an even more functional use. With the warmth and beauty of custom wood interiors to match the comfort of the decor the Glass Wall System is an unmistakable alternative to the standard window design.

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